we know what it’s like to be balancing a million spinning plates, on a tight deadline, and needing the perfect track for your project like...yesterday. We’ll help you find that rare gem that ties the whole thing together - on budget and on time.

we know what it’s like to be out on the road (we have literally been there), living in a van, and working four odd jobs to get by. We’ll work closely with you to navigate the world of licensing so you can support yourself and focus on continuing your craft.


Culturally Relevant. Unexpected.

We represent rare and culturally relevant music made by touring bands and real artists doing things differently.

+Professional help and care from our team.

Need customization of a song? Need access to stems? Need help making your production mix pop? We got you.

+Competitive compensation to artists.

We pay artists on a project by project basis, ensuring they receive fair compensation so they can continue touring and releasing records. Subscription models are great for clients on a budget, but often at the cost of reducing artist's pay to pennies.

+A private and thoughtfully curated library of music.

We want your work to stand out from the rest. Subscription catalogs provide the same songs to a vast amount of users in the public, making your project less than special.

+Searchable catalog of hi-res songs at your fingertips.

Want to explore our exclusive library on your own time? Hit us up here for access to our searchable DISCO Library and listen to your heart’s content.



Alex Fitch birthed Maps in 2019 to focus on advocating on behalf of and educating under-represented independent musicians. Alex continues to be a touring musician of twelve years (Typhoon, Haley Heynderickx, Alexandra Savior, Adam Torres) and has eight years industry experience working for numerous licensing agencies in A&R and music supervision roles. He sometimes listens to Justin Bieber slowed down 200% because it sounds like Enya, and spends most of his time making chaos music and abstract paintings.

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Danielle (Alumni)

Danielle is a touring musician of ten years (Wild Ones) and has three years of experience in commercial and creative film production - giving her insight into the world of music licensing from the artist, client, and agency sides. Aside from being a mega shredder and musical ripper, Danielle is the most premium of humans and will probably save humanity with pure kindness. These days, going to concerts makes her cry - in a good way. She’s really fun.

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Ali aka 'Burgers' Rana, is our LA based Music Licensing Coordinator. Burgers has a dedicated history in the music world having worked in radio, playing in bands, assembling guitar pedals for Death By Audio, making bleeps & bloops via modular synths, DJ-ing, stage managing at several venues, along with tour managing. Burgers is VERY pro Mango Lassi and has an extensive encyclopedia of records you have never heard of, but will instantly love. We like Burgers.

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Victoria P.

Victoria is a touring musician of seven years (Pictoria Vark, Squirrel Flower). Born out of a curiosity and desire to make intentional decisions within the music industry, she began to develop her chops alongside a budding career as a touring bassist and solo artist. She finds joy in storytelling through social media, which she has done for numerous record labels (Refresh, Mom+Pop, ATO) and promotional campaigns (Terrorbird Media), and is delighted to continue this work with Maps. Off-the-clock, she loves having her tarot read, going on very long walks, and watching Survivor with her mom.

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Victoria D.

Victoria is a business and finance professional with six years of experience in accounting across the insurance, fashion, and manufacturing sectors. She now uses her corporate expertise to support ethical brands in meaningful industries. Her passion for creativity shows up everyday in painting, illustration, tailoring clothing, songwriting, and cooking for friends. In her down time she wants to be by water - from sauna soaks to snowshoeing to surfing in the PNW.

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Jesse Kees is a touring musician (Adam Torres, Jess Williamson, “This Will Destroy You”), composer, and wild rambling audio post production and sound FX wizard. He has worked on 50+ films and television shows including “Doctor Sleep”, “12 Years a Slave”, and "Guava Island". When not working on films he spends his days loving his dog Gumbo, sending very sick boulder projects, drinking aged vintage pu’erh teas and eating QCBW (Quinoa + Cashew Butter + Waffles).

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