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MAPS is a full service music licensing and audio branding agency built to empower artists and creative content makers around the world.

We are made of musicians, and counter cultural music purveyors doing things differently :-)

Original Music

Custom curated original music made exactly to specification for your video or project by our vetted team of professional composers who are doing things differently.


True Motown Vintage, stoney 60's metal, Inuit throat singing, Ethiopiques, psychedelic cumbia, trap, electronic pop- We got all of that along with music from the best unheard culturally relevant bands. All pre-cleared music created with time, sweat and tears by our roster of touring bands and composers. We pay 10% more to our artist community.

Post Production

Everything you need to wrap up your final mix, because everything in one place saves you time from wrangling and negotiating with different parties. Whether it be dialog editing, (ADR), foley, and or sound design. We can take your project from start to finish with any and all audio needs to keep everything under one roof for your ease.

Request Music

Reach out for a free custom playlist from our selection of gathered music, from real touring bands, and vintage deep cuts that we have spent countless hours curating to share with you.

Request Music
Request Music

You don’t have time, we do. Tell us about your project. Let us know what you are looking for and our team will send you a custom playlist free of charge.

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Please contact us directly for post-production inquiries:

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Your request has been submitted and we're on it. We'll get back to you within the time frame you have specified with a custom playlist based on the information you provided.

In the meantime, please contact us directly if you have any questions.

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